Empowering Creators

Let’s face it.


Art and commerce do not mix well. One is always jeopardizing the other, and a necessary balance must occur in our imperfect world. For art to exist, artists must be sustained, and the most obvious way is to create sustenance via the art itself. Selling books, records, paintings, photographs, tickets. But it’s really nowhere near that simple anymore.


The Internet showed up and “leveled the playing field” in a lot of ways. It also stacked the deck against some of us. Now everyone can make art and share it with the whole world, but that’s a lot of art, and there are only so many eyeballs to look at it or earholes to listen to it. So we’re hustling to get our stuff in front of eyeballs and earholes while hoping that someone else doesn’t do it better. The two best ways to get lots of eyeballs? Be good at marketing, or pay people who are.


Doesn’t that leave a big chunk of the artist population out? Yeah, it does. Social media, the blogosphere, podcasting, web design, and internet marketing are all vague, foreign, and difficult to learn fields of study for that chunk of artists. Well, they can just use their pre-Internet wealth to pay marketing people right? Yeah, I’m sure they would, except it turns out most of the money from their art went to a big record label or publisher, and those guys aren’t much help anymore. So their stuff just doesn’t get as many eyeballs and earholes, even though sometimes they’ve got the best stuff.


Artist Sync is filling that gap. We educate, consult with, and provide artists with the best technology and skills to market themselves efficiently. So what? Artist Sync is a bunch more marketing people looking to get paid? Well yeah, we are marketing people and yeah we get paid for some of our services, but we provide the majority for free. Why? Because we’re artists first and marketers second; and we believe in giving powerful art a powerful voice.


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